UEFA'ya Mail Kampanyası

UEFA'ya Mail Kampanyası

Dear Sirs,

Turkish Champion Galatasaray Chairman says they have a new settlement / voluntary agreement with the UEFA. Did you change your principles ( attached ) ?

UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, ANNEX XII says "The club must not have been party to a voluntary agreement or subject to a disciplinary measure or settlement agreement within the last three reporting periods" Is it still valid ?

Turkish Champion Galatasaray has been disqualified from UEFA competitions in 2016. It has not been 3 years yet. How can you make a new settlement agreement ?

Galatasaray 's financial tables clearly show that, there is a clear non-compliance with the provisions of the settlement agreement signed 2 years ago ( Eur 115 Million ...! ) Then, how can you sign a new settlement agreement ?

Please kindly check your PRINCIPLES and do what is required accordingly..! In case you sign a new agreement without "exclusion & disqualification" no one can obey your principles thereafter.

Best Regards